My Date Night With New York

It’s been a while since I’ve people-watched on Ninth Avenue. I used to do so quite often, spending long nights sitting by the window of our favorite bar, talking with friends and watching strangers as they passed by. This week, with an excuse to remain in midtown until the start of a concert for which […]

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Ending Well

This year has been a year. So much can and does change in 12 months. There are the big, routine-disrupting changes such as adopting a dog (I did that this year, his name is Joey, and he’s now my best friend and I like him more than I like most humans) or changing jobs (I […]

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Surviving our Night in the Park

Toilet-papering was a rite of passage for my generation; more a matter-of-fact part of childhood than a taboo act perpetuated by delinquents. It was basically expected that we, as teenagers, would pillage the bathroom cabinets of our homes to gather as much toilet paper as we could before sneaking out in the middle of the […]

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