We’re All Meg.

I try to see movies on the weekend they’re released. If I don’t see them when they’re at the front of my mind, real life tends to get in the way and by the time I’m able to get back around to seeing them, they’ve already left the theaters. As such, when I woke up […]

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The Impact Awards

In the year 2000, there wasn’t much in life I loved more than award shows. Not much has changed since then, but the 1999 Video Music Awards marked a pronounced shift in my pop culture trajectory. I hadn’t stopped talking about the show for months and I re-watched it endlessly on my VHS recording. I […]

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Planes, Trains & Automobiles

I’m not a good flyer. I’m too tall and too broad and the only way flying is comfortable is if I’m on an exit row or seated in First Class—something I’ve been able to swing only once. It was a last minute flight and for some reason, the First Class ticket price and the back-of-the-plane-where-the-turbulence-will-make-you-queasy […]

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The Olympian

A celebrity pastry chef made me donuts. A future cookie-empire entrepreneur baked me Oatmeal Scotchies in his apartment kitchen. I harmonized with Broadway starlets in a makeup room and had drinks with an Emmy and Tony winner. Gloria Gaynor—Grammy winning singer of “I Will Survive” Gloria Gaynor—called me “baby.” All of this happened to me, […]

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A Wretch Like Me

  Right now, sexual abuse and misconduct are in every other headline. From Hollywood to the Heartland, an ever-increasing number of men are having to reckon with the pointed fingers and spoken accusations from those they’ve assaulted. Women (and men) are coming forward to stand up for themselves and to stand up to those who […]

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