My Date Night With New York

It’s been a while since I’ve people-watched on Ninth Avenue. I used to do so quite often, spending long nights sitting by the window of our favorite bar, talking with friends and watching strangers as they passed by. This week, with an excuse to remain in midtown until the start of a concert for which […]

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Of Comedy and Candy Corn

My first paying job in New York was in the fundraising and development department of a nonprofit that helped homeless New Yorkers get access to healthcare. The job was a godsend. A woman who did some work with the off-off Broadway theater where I spent my final semester of grad school interning was looking for […]

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The Senior Class Song

Everything is heightened in high school. Our emotions and hormones are in such a state of SOS that every decision, every milestone, and every word spoken to and about us are magnified as if by one of those giant telescopes that can make the rings of Saturn look like a delightful place to vacation. The […]

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An American in Israel

On my flight back to America from Israel, a small brunette girl in a unicorn t-shirt put her plastic box of markers in the back pocket of the seat in front of her while she colored in her book. Though they weren’t actually markers, they were clear plastic pens in various hues of landscapes and […]

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Like Mike

I’ve loved the Olympics for as long as I can remember. Whether it’s the Summer Games or the Winter, it’s astonishing to see people level-up to superhero status while executing incredible feats of strength or endurance or artistry; things regular folks like me could never do. The first Olympics I remember was when I was […]

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The American Anti-christ

I watch more reality TV in the summer than at any other time of the year. I love Big Brother (it’s like chess but with people and emotions!), So You Think You Can Dance (Mary Murphy’s screams!), America’s Got Talent (real people doing amazing things!), and there’s usually at least one Housewives franchise I watch […]

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My Strange Addiction

In seventh grade, I had an addiction. Many afternoons, I stayed after school to work on the yearbook and the newspaper. Our staff worked simultaneously on both and each month, our newspaper (a packet of regular paper stapled in the top left corner) was handed out in the hallways during lunch. We were each charged […]

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