Card Games Make my Friends Cry

The summer before my senior year in college, my friends and I stayed in Waco rather than going home to crash with our parents until classes began again. We’d signed leases and had jobs in town so we planned on spending our summer together. Pre-Fixer Upper/post-Branch Davidian Waco wasn’t a bad place to spend a […]

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The Joint Service

When I was in sixth grade, my church made the decision to relocate our congregation to a new building in another part of town. Our current building had aged and the thought was that by moving, we could have both a modern facility and the ability to reach a new demographic in cities experiencing exponential […]

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The Ten Minute Rule

I woke up happy this morning. I slept really well last night, the air conditioning made the room the perfect temperature, the pillows seemed to stay cool under my head and the rhythm of the fan made for the perfect ambient lullaby. I woke up before my alarm, something that’d usually infuriate me because bed […]

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