The Ghost and Mr. Brinson

Tonight, I met a ghost. I had plans to go to dinner and see a show with some friends so as the sun began its descent, I walked from the train station to the restaurant in Hell’s Kitchen. I was minding my own business, enjoying the weather and the golden hour sunlight, but as I […]

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Ghost Stories

Last night, after I got home from the office, I sat down on my bed and didn’t get up for the rest of the evening. Though I didn’t fall asleep and it wasn’t restful per se, my body quit on me hours before I was ready for it to clock out for the day. The […]

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Demon Hunting in North Dallas

A few months after I graduated from high school, I attended a birthday party for a casual acquaintance as a favor to her mother. She and I weren’t friends, barely acquaintances really, but she was new to the church and her mom wanted to create an opportunity for her to get to know teenagers her […]

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