The Shift

There was a moment recently when something profound happened. It’s not a particularly unique moment—it’s something all human people go through—still, when it happens, the impact crater it leaves is inescapably large. Recently, one of my friendships shifted. It shifted from that person being considered a close-knit-friend-family-member to a cordial-acquaintance-with-a-shared-history. It happened so quickly. Yet […]

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The Scarecrow

The October of my second grade year was all about scarecrows. We used candy corn as bingo pieces on scarecrow-themed boards full of vocabulary words, we colored scarecrows on worksheets, and we made them out of popsicle sticks. We folded paper into origami scarecrows, we painted them in art class and we wrote about them […]

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Collecting Things

This morning as I sat quietly on the train reading a book about prayer, a tall woman got on at 103rd and stood in front of me. She looked like Dorothy Zbornak if Dorothy had survived a long bout with cancer and was entering the world again for the first time. Her cloudy grey hair […]

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Card Games Make my Friends Cry

The summer before my senior year in college, my friends and I stayed in Waco rather than going home to crash with our parents until classes began again. We’d signed leases and had jobs in town so we planned on spending our summer together. Pre-Fixer Upper/post-Branch Davidian Waco wasn’t a bad place to spend a […]

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