Real Life Time Travel

Facebook has become a really odd entity over the past couple years. It used to keep us connected and perhaps to some extent still does, but I’ll admit I’m using it less and less. All of that connectivity is stressing me out and I’m realizing my brain is better used elsewhere. It’s all too much—too […]

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Planes, Trains & Automobiles

I’m not a good flyer. I’m too tall and too broad and the only way flying is comfortable is if I’m on an exit row or seated in First Class—something I’ve been able to swing only once. It was a last minute flight and for some reason, the First Class ticket price and the back-of-the-plane-where-the-turbulence-will-make-you-queasy […]

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How ‘Letting the Sun Shine in’ and an Actor I Don’t Know Changed My Life

I love Tony night. There’s something about seeing so many people riled up about a live, in-person, artform that really makes the air in New York crackle and spark. Especially now, when entertainment has become almost wholly digitized and instantaneous, going to the theater to see a performance that’s happening right then, in front of […]

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