A New Dream

“Hi there. I’m Ryan.” “Nice to meet you. What do you do here in the city?” “I’m the Editor of an online creative culture magazine called BLEEP.” “Oh nice.” For eight years, most of my introductions in New York have played out in nearly identical fashion. Each time I’ve met someone new—be it at a […]

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Three Rounds of Paintball

One of the perks of being in a church youth group is having a standing group of people to spend time with in a setting that won’t make your parents worry about the status of your salvation. My youth group friends and I spent our summers playing putt-putt, Frisbee golf, diving off the platform at […]

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“Never, give up!”

There was a period of time a few years ago when every negative thing that happened in anyone’s life was considered the product of bullying. I’ll admit, we played it fast and loose with the term and the playground was pegged as the ultimate battlefield for a child’s self-worth. If another kid made fun of […]

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