The Duck Pond

I had a fairly normal suburban American childhood. My dad worked in downtown Dallas which felt like a wondrous Oz—oversized and industrial with a skyscraper lit in neon green light presiding over the cityscape—but back in our neighborhood, life felt more simple. Not quite Munchkinland, but simple. Summers in the suburbs were speckled with block […]

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A Life of Love & Light

I’m sending you love and light. I never really understood that phrase and began to think I was friends with a bunch of Care Bears because I was reading it online so often. The internet tells me “love and light” is a phrase used by Reiki energy healers; a blessing rooted in the hope that […]

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My First-Name Grandfather

When you’re a kid, you love your grandparents but I, like a lot of people, didn’t come to truly appreciate them until I was much older. Oh I’ve always loved them, that never wavered, but around the time I started sitting at the “adult’s table” during the holidays, I began to actually understand just how […]

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I Really Like My Hands Today

I really like the way my hands look today. I’m aware that’s a strange thing to find appealing but I do—I think my hands look great today. It’s not something I set out to do, to make my hands look better today than yesterday, I just looked down at them this morning and boom, there […]

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The Scarecrow

The October of my second grade year was all about scarecrows. We used candy corn as bingo pieces on scarecrow-themed boards full of vocabulary words, we colored scarecrows on worksheets, and we made them out of popsicle sticks. We folded paper into origami scarecrows, we painted them in art class and we wrote about them […]

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Demon Hunting in North Dallas

A few months after I graduated from high school, I attended a birthday party for a casual acquaintance as a favor to her mother. She and I weren’t friends, barely acquaintances really, but she was new to the church and her mom wanted to create an opportunity for her to get to know teenagers her […]

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