“Never, give up!”

There was a period of time a few years ago when every negative thing that happened in anyone’s life was considered the product of bullying. I’ll admit, we played it fast and loose with the term and the playground was pegged as the ultimate battlefield for a child’s self-worth. If another kid made fun of […]

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How ‘Letting the Sun Shine in’ and an Actor I Don’t Know Changed My Life

I love Tony night. There’s something about seeing so many people riled up about a live, in-person, artform that really makes the air in New York crackle and spark. Especially now, when entertainment has become almost wholly digitized and instantaneous, going to the theater to see a performance that’s happening right then, in front of […]

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Happy Accidents.

In the same week that Starbucks baited all of mankind with the Unicorn Frappuccino – something undeniably photogenic with its hues of pink, purple and blue but also undeniably questionable in taste – I experienced something truly magical: my first non-stick frying pan. Yes, I’d owned pans in the past which claimed to be non-stick […]

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