Photo by Christopher Boudewyns

Ryan Brinson is a writer in New York City who doesn’t have all the answers but really likes the adventure of looking for them. He probably uses commas and semicolons where he shouldn’t but he doesn’t really care. He loves New York City, LA is growing on him (but don’t tell anyone), and he measures most movies against the perfection of Jurassic Park.

In 2010, he created and launched BLEEP Magazine, an online creative culture magazine that became internationally-read in more than 150 countries. He’s interviewed talented artists—some of whom have Oscars, Emmys, Grammys and Tonys, some of whom don’t—and they’re all equally interesting to him.

He’s currently writing this or that. He’s an advocate for inclusive faith and loves God and people and dinosaurs and nachos and cream soda and memoirs and television.

Ryan published I Really Like My Hands Today independently in 2017 while drinking a hazelnut latte, I Feel God in This Cab in 2018 while drinking a mulled chai latte and My Place in It while drinking a pumpkin cream cold brew in 2019. Sunday School for Sinners and Saints was written over the course of those same years, fueled by those same coffees (and then some).

Love what I wrote? Hate what I wrote? Have a business inquiry? Just want to talk about Jurassic Park or nachos? Email me!